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Contractors are involved in many aspects of construction and include various trades and skills. From the neighborhood plumbing or electrical firm, to the local landscaper and drywall experts, each contractor comes with specific on-the-job exposures that require a solid Workers’ Compensation program. Our program is designed primarily to help our partners meet the Workers’ Compensation needs of small- to midsize Artisan Contractors.

Submission Guidelines

  • Minimum of $5,000 of Manual Premium
  • ACORD Application
  • Supplemental Application
  • 3 Years of Loss Info (preferably 5)
  • Experience Modification Worksheet
  • No New Ventures
  • Minimum of 3 Employees

Our Program Details

Target Classes

  1. Cabinet Manufacturing & Installation
  2. Cleaning & Janitorial Services
  3. Concrete Flatwork
  4. Door Shops & Trim Carpentry
  5. Electricians, Low Voltage, & Alarm Installation
  6. Excavation (No more than 8 ft.)
  7. Flooring Installers
  8. Hardware & Appliance Installation
  9. HVAC & Plumbing
  10. Landscaping
  11. Painters
  12. Tile, Stone, Marble
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